Plank Owners

Plank Owners generously invest $1,000 or more for planks (although quarter, half and three quarter investments are also acceptable).

Five Planks

In memory of Robert & Evelyn Trapp
Nancy Trapp


Three and a Half Planks

In honor of Bernhard “Ted” Ringberg
Butch & Janet Ringberg, David & Sherry Ringberg, Tracy Ringberg,
Adam Ringberg, Bob & Kristine Door, Mark Wariakois,
Gordon & Mary Brigh Ringberg


Two Planks

Bartholic Family Foundation

Michael & Donna Anderson


One Plank

In memory of Justine Ringberg
Gordon & Mary Brigh Ringberg

In honor of Kathleen Kolias
Brigid Ognibene

In memory of Herman and Lillian Selz
Maureen & Frank DeRosa

In memory of Al Matthews and Stephen T. Matthews, seaman
Deb & Gregor Matthews

Aaron Fund for Special Needs Children of the Minneapolis Foundation

Thomas Trant & Louise Trant Dobbe

Michaeleen & David Bellows

Gregory L LaSchum

Markel Marine; Pewaukee Underwritng Team


Three Quarter Plank


Half Plank

Dean Rau & Sarah Lund

Jane Halvorson


Quarter Plank

Szczecinski, Stephen


Matching Gifts

Lukis Foundation: will contribute a matching amount against all plank owner gifts at the end of the campaign.

Markel Corporation

3M Foundation