Own A Plank

We are seeking "Plank Owners" to help us acquire a larger vessel so we can take more kids and adults sailing on Lake Superior. We will name the vessel the Algonquin after a vessel that was brought to Lake Superior in 1842.

A plank owner is a member of a ship's company at the time that a ship is commissioned or recommissioned, giving them bragging rights to the "Ownership" of one of the planks in the main deck. Historically, a plank owner could petition for a piece of the deck when the ship was decommissioned.

In lieu of an actual 'Plank' from the deck of the Algonquin (these being pretty hard to come by in this day and age) our plank owners are presented with a certificate commemorating their unique status as One Of The Original Crew.

In addition to bragging rights and a certificate, Algonquin plank owners will receive appreciation gifts, invitations to exclusive events, special recognition—and sailing opportunities—that vary depending on the level of giving. Appreciation gifts will be distributed when the Algonquin begins her journeys on Lake Superior.

Plank Owners generously invest $1,000 or more for planks (although quarter, half and three quarter investments are also acceptable). Pledges may be paid in full or through monthly installments. Please contact Gordon Ringberg with any questions.