Plank Owners


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Plank Owners!


Become a plank owner of Lake Superior's new Tall Ship

We are seeking "Plank Owners" to help us help us acquire a larger vessel so we can take more young men and women sailing on Lake Superior. We would name this vessel the Algonquin

A Plank Owner is a member of a ship's company at the time that the ship is commissioned or recommissioned, and therefore has bragging rights to the "ownership" of one of the planks in the main deck.  Historically, a Plank Owner could petition for a piece of the deck when the ship is decommissioned.  

In lieu of an actual 'plank' from the deck of the ship (these being pretty hard to come by in this day and age) Plank Owner are presented with a certificate commemorating their unique status of being one of the original crew.

In addition to bragging rights and a certificate, Algonquin Plank Owners will receive appreciation gifts, invitations to exclusive events, special recognition and sailing opportunities that vary depending on the level of giving.  Appreciation gifts will be distributed when the Algonquin begins her journeys on Lake Superior.

Pledges may be paid in full or through monthly installments.  Please contact Gordon Ringberg with any questions.



We are truly grateful for all our Plank Owners. 

Admiral Level

  • Lukis Foundation

Second Mate Level

  • In memory of Robert & Evelyn Trapp

    • Nancy Trapp

Third Mate Level

  • In honor of Bernhard “Ted” Ringberg

    • Butch & Janet Ringberg

    • David & Sherry Ringberg

    • Tracy Ringberg

    • Bob & Kristine Door

    • Mark Wariakois

    • Adam Ringberg

  • Michael & Donna Anderson

  • Bartholic Family Foundation

  • Thomas Trant & Louise Trant Dobbe

  • Michaeleen & David Bellows

  • Gregory L LaSchum

  • Markel Marine; Pewaukee Underwritng Team

Boatswain Level

  • In memory of Justine Ringberg

    • Gordon & Mary Brigh Ringberg

  • In honor of Kathleen Kolias

    • Brigid Ognibene

  • In memory of Herman and Lillian Selz

    • Maureen & Frank DeRosa

  • In memory of Al Matthews and Stephen T. Matthews, seaman

    • Deb & Gregor Matthews

  • Aaron Fund for Special Needs Children of the Minneapolis Foundation

Able Seaman Level

Ordinary Seaman Level

  • Dean Rau & Sarah Lund

  • Jane Halvorson

Matching Gifts

  • Markel Corporation

  • 3M Foundation

Steward Level

  • Szczecinski, Stephen

Every effort is made to ensure that this list is accurate and up-to-date. 
That said, we have been known to make an error from time to time. 
We apologize in advance for any mistakes and urge you to contact us to let us know.