Last Summer's Results

Abbey Road in Autumn.png

The Abbey Road was very busy this past summer.

She was out on the water 83 days (vs 53 in 2014), with 762 guests (vs 301).

Most of the trips were 3 to 4-hour half day or evening sails, and many of the guests (especially the Sea Scouts) were repeat sailors. Of the trips:

  • 18 days were bareboat charter with 7.3 guests/day on board.

  • 5 days were with Bayfield Middle School and High School students, 11.4 guests/day, (including 5 guests from Russia).

  • 6 days were with Northland College students, 8.5 guests/day.

  • 5 days were other youth groups: 4H, Girl Scouts, Washburn Agri-Ed., 11 guests/day.

  • 7 days were with members from Chequamegon Bay community, 8.9 guests/day.

  • 42 days were with the area Sea Scouts, 9.7 scouts & guests/day.

Thanks to the generosity of donors and some revenue from the bareboat charters, LSTS did not charge a fee to take any guest sailing on Abbey Road in 2015.

Season End ReportG. Ringberg