Sea Scouts Drift Around the Islands

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Sea Scout Ship 336 commanded the trailing position of the Around the Islands Race from the start and until they withdrew 19 hours later.  The wind was not our friend as we watched the fleet of much lighter boats drift farther and farther away from us.

The wind did pick up about 12:30 AM as we rounded Devil's Island.  With no moon and the sky bursting with stars, we had a glorious sail until the sun rose and the lake became glass. 

Realizing that with an average speed of 1 nautical mile an hour it would take 40 hours to complete the race, the youth leaders declared a DNF, started the engine and motored to Stockton Island for some beach exploration and swim time. 

Despite the less than exciting conditions, the scouts all said they will race again next year, but are hoping for small craft warnings.

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Sea ScoutsG. Ringberg