Oredocker Project School Sailing Trip

Here Are Pictures

of a sailing trip students from Oredocker Project School took on the Abbey Road. The Oredocker Project School is a project based multi-age school for grades 6-8 in Ashland Wisconsin.

And Here Is A Video

that the students made of their trip! Fun!!

And Here Are Some Comments

From The Students About Their Sail:

"Fun to see the whole experience of sailing." Airianna

"It was fun to go on the very front of the boat, the bow.  The beds inside were cool.  Steering was fun." Zachary

"Steering was hard.  My favorite part was hanging out on the deck and standing on the front of the boat.  But the whole day was really fun."  Aidan

"I enjoyed looking at the islands and standing at the front of the boat." Nick (This was the student's first time to Bayfield/on Lake Superior/on a sailboat and he has lived in Ashland his whole life!)

"I really liked sailing on the boat.  My favorite part was when I stood on the end of the boat, I could feel the wind going through my hair.  Going on a sailboat was a completely new experience for me.  The water looked really pretty.  Sailing was generally calm and peaceful.  Sailing was a very good experience that I was glad to have.  I would recommend to anybody."  Ayden, 7th grade, OPS   

"I had an outstanding experience on the Abbey Road.  It was really cool to be on a big sailboat.  I loved seeing the cabin and I also loved standing at the bow of the ship.  It was cool to see how everything worked."  Bergen, 7th grade OPS

"The sailing trip was really fun, I hope I can do it again soon! I know that I might be able to go again but at the same time it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I will never get the chance to do that again. When I say once in a lifetime opportunity, it means every single moment in life is once in a lifetime because that thing that just happened will never happen again, and even if it does happen it would never be the same, and you will always remember the first time you did something as if it were yesterday. You would remember almost every detail of it, I know I still remember most of the stuff that happened that day, almost exactly in the order it happened.
I hope that when or if I go back on there I would be able to take some pictures. Even though I remember the scenery quite well I would still like some. Also, I want some because I was planning on painting a picture of it, where the trees looked like pompoms, the water literally looked as if it was painted or as if I had just dropped into a painting and I was sailing on the waves, the wind I can still smell, It smelled like a hint of fish, a bit like rain, and a lot like a sweet fall day.
My most favorite thing that I did was standing on the very front of the boat. It was as if I was a part of the Titanic. Also I loved the bottom area, it was cozy down there it felt like home. Not actually but it was really cozy and with the waves it was rocking and it was really soothing. I felt as if I was slowly falling asleep as I just sat there. It was amazing." Sadie, 8th grader, OPS

"I really liked lying down on the deck of the Abbey Road in the sun and dodging the mast as it went over head. My second favorite thing was standing on the very front of the boat and looking at Madeline Island or Bayfield. My third favorite thing was hanging out with my friends on deck or in the hull of the boat. I liked steering but I wasn’t to great at it." Aidan, 6th grade, OPS

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